Bangladesh is, now, a developing country and it has a fantastic constant growth rate for the past decades which makes Bangladesh as foreign investment hub from around the world. Construction and Engineering related works are taking place at a large scale in Bangladesh in almost all sectors specially in public projects under PPP or other modes for bridges, power plants, LNG terminals, roads, flyover, Metrorail, dams, deep seaport etc. The private sectors are also involved in constructing a warehouse, factory, shopping centers, business centers etc under private initiatives. Legal services in this sector are required both by the employer and contractor, whether local and foreign companies. The services often involve due diligence, preparing construction agreements and sub-contracting agreement etc. Construction related disputes resolution is increasing due to an increase of construction works all over Bangladesh. Due to the presence of arbitration clauses in construction agreement and applicable laws, the construction related disputes are often settled through arbitration and mediation. 

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